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NFL and MLB Leaders Commend Volkswagen Employees on UAW Local 42

10/2/2014: UAW Local 42 is drawing praise from labor leaders across America — including those in the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

Upon learning of Local 42 and Volkswagen’s newly announced plant expansion in Chattanooga, NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith congratulated Volkswagen employees. “It doesn’t matter whether your hand is on the scrimmage line or the assembly line, you need your own organization to help co-determine your future,” Smith wrote in a letter to Local 42 members. “Having a union is like playing a team sport. Everyone must pull together for the success of all.”

Smith compared the UAW’s efforts to those of the NFL Players Association. “We look out for the health and safety of NFL players just as UAW Local 42 will seek to insure safe work practices for Volkswagen production and maintenance employees,” he said. “The NFLPA provides on-the-job representation for players, as UAW Local 42 does for auto workers. And just as the NFLPA partners with team owners to insure the future success of the National Football League, UAW Local 42 will partner with Volkswagen to make your plant economically successful for years to come.”

He added: Local 42 members can “build a strong and solid organization to help yourselves, your families, and the greater Chattanooga community.”

Similarly, Major League Baseball Players Executive Director Tony Clark congratulated the members of Local 42. “We support your efforts to form a union at your workplace,” Clark wrote in a separate letter. “I would encourage you to follow in the footsteps of millions of other employees across the United States and become — as they have — a part of a labor union that negotiates the terms and conditions of their employment, sitting across the table from management as equal parties under the federal law that guarantees the right to union representation.”

Clark said Major League Baseball players have “achieved much through collective bargaining, including a fair pension, good health insurance and a grievance and arbitration process.” He added: “I urge all of you to stick together, to join UAW Local 42, and to then go on to bargain for a fair contract that brings you greater respect and a greater voice on the job.

“I wish you the best of luck.”


German Labor Leader Wetzel Backs UAW Local 42

7/18/2014: Detlef Wetzel, president of the German trade union IG Metall, today declared his organization’s support for UAW Local 42.

In a letter to Volkswagen employees, Wetzel noted that IG Metall had developed “excellent relations” with the UAW and said Local 42 “responds to the needs of many working men and women at Volkswagen Chattanooga.”

Wetzel reference the car company’s tradition of co-determination between employees and management. “In the spirit of co-determination,” he wrote, “I expect from Volkswagen that it cooperates with Local 42 in a constructive manner.”

He added: “Secure employment and co-determination constitute the model for global success of Volkswagen.”

Volkswagen Leader Huber Supports UAW Local 42

7/18/2014: Berthold Huber, president of the IndustriAll Global Union and member of the Volkswagen Supervisory Board, today expressed his support for the newly established UAW Local 42 in Chattanooga.

In a letter to Local 42 members, Huber offered his congratulations in forming the new local union, which he termed “a huge step forward.” According to Huber: “Workers’ participation and co-determination are key factors for the global success of Volkswagen. Your initiative shows that you want to contribute to the VW success story.” He added: “I want to personally assure you of IndustriAll’s support in gaining representation at Volkswagen.”

Huber’s support for Local 42 builds an a growing relationship with the Volkswagen labor leader. Last month, the UAW honored Huber with the prestigious Walter Reuther Social Justice Award in recognition of Huber’s leadership in helping build global alliances between labor groups around the world.

IndustriAll, which represents more than 15 million workers in 140 countries in the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors, is a global force in advancing worker rights and improving working conditions.

Volkswagen Employees Launch UAW Local 42 in Chattanooga

7/10/2014: The UAW today announced the formation of UAW Local 42, a new local union providing representation for employees at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga.

Organized by Volkswagen employees, Local 42 offers workers the opportunity for a voice in the workplace through the German automaker’s “works council” approach to employee engagement. Volkswagen’s business model is premised on employee representation, and Local 42 will represent any interested employees who join the local as members. No employees will be required to join.

“Earlier this year, the UAW was gratified to earn the confidence and support of many Volkswagen team members,” said Dennis Williams, president of the UAW. “At that time, we said we would not give up on these committed and hard-working employees. We’re keeping our promise.”

Gary Casteel, the UAW’s secretary-treasurer, who previously served as director of UAW Region 8 covering the South, emphasized: “Local 42 will be run by, and for, the employees at Volkswagen.”

“We’ve had ongoing discussions with Volkswagen and have arrived at a consensus with the company,” Casteel said. “Upon Local 42 signing up a meaningful portion of Volkswagen’s Chattanooga workforce, we’re confident the company will recognize Local 42 by dealing with it as a members’ union that represents those employees who join the local. As part of this consensus, the UAW is committed to continuing its joint efforts with Volkswagen to ensure the company’s expansion and growth in Chattanooga.”

UAW officials renewed requests for the State of Tennessee to extend the economic incentives necessary for Volkswagen to add a new product line at the Chattanooga plant, and said the union will continue advocating for increased investment. “State officials have assured the public and the Volkswagen workforce that the decision on incentives for Chattanooga is not related to whether workers exercise their right to join a union,” said Ray Curry, the newly elected director of UAW Region 8. “We are gratified by those assurances, and the state was right to give them.”

UAW officials reiterated the reasoning for recently withdrawing objections to the February election at the plant, which was tainted by outside interference. “As Volkswagen’s works council partner, the UAW’s role is to encourage job creation and promote job security so that Volkswagen employees can achieve the American dream and Chattanooga’s economy can prosper,” Casteel said. “We withdrew objections to end the controversy and put the focus where it belongs: obtaining the economic incentives necessary to ensure the growth of Volkswagen in Chattanooga and the addition of a new product line.”

Volkswagen employees formally announced Local 42 at an afternoon news conference, and immediately began communicating with fellow team members and with the plant’s management about next steps in advancing the works council partnership.

“Being part of the creation of an American-style works council is a chance to do something new and different,” said Michael Cantrell, a Volkswagen paint technician. “This is about securing good jobs for the future of the plant and Chattanooga, and building lasting partnerships between management and team members.”

Additionally, Local 42 members pledged to get involved in the community — as UAW members have done in other communities across the country — to support charitable causes, youth programs and other local needs. “I see Local 42 as an opportunity to give back to Chattanooga and southeast Tennessee,” said Myra Montgomery, a quality inspector in the Volkswagen plant. “As our membership grows, people are going to see us very active in this community.”

Local 42 members declared workforce development to be a top priority, and said they would work with Volkswagen and the UAW to organize job-training opportunities so that employees can continually expand their skills as new technologies emerge and manufacturing processes change.

“Having access to the UAW’s expertise and support will keep the plant competitive and will keep our workforce on the cutting edge of productivity and quality,” said Jonathan Walden, who works in the Volkswagen plant’s paint department. “The members of Local 42 are ready to roll up our sleeves and focus on the future.”