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Chattanooga workers file election petition for maintenance and production workers to join the UAW

Chattanooga – Chattanooga Volkswagen workers filed a petition with the NLRB for an election Tuesday, pointing out that they are fed up with not having the right to bargain like other VW employees worldwide.  The filed petition Tuesday is  for an election with all production and maintenance workers in Chattanooga.

“Why are Chattanooga workers treated any differently than other VW workers in the world?” said Steve Cochran, President of UAW Local 42 in Chattanooga. “Why are Chattanooga workers treated differently than even other auto assembly workers at plants like GM Spring Hill?”

In filing the petition, Chattanooga workers are asking for the opportunity to vote this Spring.

“It’s time,” said Cochran. “Our maintenance workers voted to form a union and VW still refused to bargain. They said they would bargain if production and maintenance workers voted – so let’s vote.”

“Why are Chattanooga workers treated differently?” said Cochran. “Why are we in Chattanooga not treated like other VW employees around the world? Why in Chattanooga do we have to make suggestions, not sit down and bargain like every other VW plant?”

“This isn’t about politicians. It’s not about outsiders. It’s about Chattanooga workers,” Cochran added. “We deserve the same rights as Spring Hill workers and every other VW worker in the world.