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Let Chattanooga Workers Vote: Chattanooga Workers File to Clear Way for an Election Date

Chattanooga workers filed an action to lift a stay on voting today, following actions by the National Labor Relations Board that should clear the way for a vote.

“We believe the time for VW to play games and deny votes is at an end and that the right of Chattanooga workers to vote should be expedited. Voting is the American way! We believe as we always have, that the NLRB should set an election date for all Chattanooga VW maintenance and production workers.”

The NLRB Region 10, earlier this week, accepted the withdrawal of charges by Volkswagen maintenance workers that had been in limbo over VW’s refusal to bargain. Instead on April 9, maintenance workers and all production workers filed a new petition for ALL VW hourly employees to vote on bargaining rights. By accepting the withdrawal of the previous charges, the barrier to a vote was lifted.

“Chattanooga workers are currently the only VW workers in the world that have no bargaining rights. It’s time to vote for Chattanooga workers.”