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UAW Files New Petition for Chattanooga Workers

This afternoon, in accordance with today’s NLRB ruling, the UAW filed a new petition on behalf of Chattanooga production and maintenance workers.

This morning the NLRB directed the Board’s Regional Office to dismiss a petition filed on April 9 but stated that the UAW could “immediately file a new petition.”  This afternoon, as soon it was able to do so, the UAW immediately filed a new petition, again seeking a vote among Chattanooga production and maintenance workers.

Statement on behalf of Chattanooga Volkswagen workers

Volkswagen Workers: We’ve Waited Long Enough! Let us Vote!

In an unprecedented move caused by Volkswagen’s legal games, the NLRB this morning issued a split decision and dismissed Chattanooga workers petition for a vote, but allowed it to be refiled.

This decision allows Chattanooga workers to quickly file another petition but creates yet another delay in the process. Volkswagen has continued to use legal games to aggressively deny its workers the right to vote for years. It’s ridiculous and shows how broken the rights of workers are under our labor laws. But we will be on the NLRB’s doorstep immediately to file again and demand a speedy election.

VW should be ashamed of this legal obstruction that led to this. It’s sad how Volkswagens’ strategy of using high-priced legal games can stand in the way the right to vote for Chattanooga workers. Chattanooga workers deserve to know from VW, how much money have you spent on these lawyers to try to stop us from having a voice?

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Let Chattanooga Workers Vote: Chattanooga Workers File to Clear Way for an Election Date

Chattanooga workers filed an action to lift a stay on voting today, following actions by the National Labor Relations Board that should clear the way for a vote.

“We believe the time for VW to play games and deny votes is at an end and that the right of Chattanooga workers to vote should be expedited. Voting is the American way! We believe as we always have, that the NLRB should set an election date for all Chattanooga VW maintenance and production workers.”

The NLRB Region 10, earlier this week, accepted the withdrawal of charges by Volkswagen maintenance workers that had been in limbo over VW’s refusal to bargain. Instead on April 9, maintenance workers and all production workers filed a new petition for ALL VW hourly employees to vote on bargaining rights. By accepting the withdrawal of the previous charges, the barrier to a vote was lifted.

“Chattanooga workers are currently the only VW workers in the world that have no bargaining rights. It’s time to vote for Chattanooga workers.”

Statement on Behalf of Chattanooga Volkswagen Workers

Let Chattanooga workers vote. After insisting for the last four years that they would only agree to a vote of all production and maintenance workers, Volkswagen has now blocked just such a vote. VW’s manipulation of the NLRB process to halt a vote of its workers is a travesty.

Free, democratic elections are a cornerstone of American life, whether it’s the PTA or President of the United States. After all these years, why in the world is it okay to deny Chattanooga workers their vote of yes or no? Read more

VW’s legal maneuvers will not stop our efforts

At VW’s request, the NLRB has granted a stay of the petition for our election. This means that the NLRB has frozen the process, so a vote cannot be scheduled until this is resolved. Despite VW’s legal maneuvers, we will not give up and will continue to fight for our dignity and respectful treatment on the job. Why is VW so scared of us voting to form our union?


On April 17, 2019 an NLRB hearing was held at the Chattanooga Courthouse on Volkswagen workers’ petition to organize. More than 30 Chattanooga VW workers attended.

Here’s a summary of the results of the hearing:

  1. VW STALL TACTICS: VW made it clear to the NLRB that they are trying to delay or stop a vote of all Chattanooga production and maintenance workers.
  2. VW GAME PLAYING: For over three years, VW has refused to bargain with maintenance workers, who voted to join UAW Local 42 in 2015. At the April 17 hearing, VW cited the maintenance case in refusing to allow ALL VW workers to vote, despite the fact that UAW Local 42 has made it clear that they have withdrawn from the maintenance case so all workers have the opportunity to vote and make their voices heard.
  3. VW DOUBLE SPEAK: Volkswagen corporate officials have refused to bargain with maintenance workers since 2015 and have used legal maneuvers to keep that case in limbo. They are now trying to tie a vote among ALL VW workers up in legal limbo — just like we saw with the 2015 maintenance workers.




Chattanooga workers file election petition for maintenance and production workers to join the UAW

Chattanooga – Chattanooga Volkswagen workers filed a petition with the NLRB for an election Tuesday, pointing out that they are fed up with not having the right to bargain like other VW employees worldwide.  The filed petition Tuesday is  for an election with all production and maintenance workers in Chattanooga.

“Why are Chattanooga workers treated any differently than other VW workers in the world?” said Steve Cochran, President of UAW Local 42 in Chattanooga. “Why are Chattanooga workers treated differently than even other auto assembly workers at plants like GM Spring Hill?”

In filing the petition, Chattanooga workers are asking for the opportunity to vote this Spring.

“It’s time,” said Cochran. “Our maintenance workers voted to form a union and VW still refused to bargain. They said they would bargain if production and maintenance workers voted – so let’s vote.”

“Why are Chattanooga workers treated differently?” said Cochran. “Why are we in Chattanooga not treated like other VW employees around the world? Why in Chattanooga do we have to make suggestions, not sit down and bargain like every other VW plant?”

“This isn’t about politicians. It’s not about outsiders. It’s about Chattanooga workers,” Cochran added. “We deserve the same rights as Spring Hill workers and every other VW worker in the world.