We are production workers at Volkswagen Chattanooga. We make a valuable product that we’re very proud of. Our work has enabled VW to be an industry leader in automotive and electric vehicle production in the United States, producing over 150,000 vehicles a year.

Presently, high turnover is making our jobs more difficult. Constant changes to our schedules and changes to PTO policy are making it hard to plan our lives outside of work and spend quality time with our families. 

In other VW plants where workers have a union, those workers have a voice, and it makes a positive difference for them and for Volkswagen. In fact, out of the 45 VW plants worldwide, only two do not have worker representation.

It’s time for us to also enjoy the benefits of a union. Without a union, our employer determines the terms of our employment, our schedules, and our benefits without any input from us, the employees. Having a union makes it so that we’re in this together, that we have a real voice in the company, and we bargain with management as equals. That’s good for us and it’s good for Volkswagen.

      Recent News

      UAW Local 42 hosted an open Town Hall on July 16th for all hourly production and variable workforce employees. It was a great opportunity for workers to come together to hear what a union would mean for us at Volkswagen and get answers about their questions and concerns. We created a list of Frequently Asked Questions created in part from this town hall. 

      We saw an amazing turn out for the town hall! We had a previous UAW Local union President from a Ford parts plant in Atlanta come and share his experience being a member of the UAW.  We also saw current Volkswagen employees who had previously been in unions share their experiences as well. 

      Protect Our PTO

      Paid Time Off (PTO) is a valued and needed benefit for employees to use at our discretion to maintain a quality work/life balance. This week, over 650 Volkswagen Chattanooga employees signed a petition requesting that workers be allowed to choose for ourselves whether to use our PTO benefit or no-pay-no-penalty ...
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      Improve Our Wages

      VW employees have answered the call and stepped up when the company needed us. Now we ask VW to honor our contribution by improving wages. Stronger wages support employees and our families, but also strengthen Chattanooga and the quality of work at Volkswagen. Read our letter to VW below ...
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