On February 26th, we held a successful Town Hall for all VW production workers and their families to learn what it would mean for us here at Volkswagen Chattanooga to have a union.  The Town Hall was a great opportunity for workers to connect with each other and to get answers to their questions about unions and the UAW.  To encourage turnout, a group of VW employees who are working to establish our union distributed flyers outside the plant and participated in phone-calling to co-workers on multiple occasions.  Many of the attendees also agreed to become more involved in helping to build the union throughout the plant.  Prior to the Town Hall, workers also handed out flyers and made phone calls to encourage folks to complete our Workplace Survey, which asks what we like about our jobs and what we think could be improved.  Through the survey, we learned about some of the issues workers care about that could be addressed through having a union. (If you haven’t already, you can still complete the survey at the link above as well as reach out if you would like to get more involved or have a question).