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    NLRB sets date for Chattanooga VW Workers

    The National Labor Relations Board announced today that there will be an election for Chattanooga VW workers to join the UAW on June 12,13 and 14.

    Chattanooga workers in the face of legal obstruction and anti-worker activity will now have the opportunity to vote on their union. Chattanooga workers remain the only VW workers in the world without union representation.

    Past updates

    UAW Files New Petition for Chattanooga Workers

    This afternoon, in accordance with today’s NLRB ruling, the UAW filed a new petition on behalf of Chattanooga production and maintenance workers. This morning the NLRB directed the Board’s Regional Office to dismiss a petition filed on April 9 but stated that the UAW could “immediately file a new petition.”  This afternoon, as soon it […] Read more


    Statement on behalf of Chattanooga Volkswagen workers

    Volkswagen Workers: We’ve Waited Long Enough! Let us Vote! In an unprecedented move caused by Volkswagen’s legal games, the NLRB this morning issued a split decision and dismissed Chattanooga workers petition for a vote, but allowed it to be refiled. This decision allows Chattanooga workers to quickly file another petition but creates yet another delay […] Read more


    Let Chattanooga Workers Vote: Chattanooga Workers File to Clear Way for an Election Date

    Chattanooga workers filed an action to lift a stay on voting today, following actions by the National Labor Relations Board that should clear the way for a vote. “We believe the time for VW to play games and deny votes is at an end and that the right of Chattanooga workers to vote should be […] Read more


Local 42 funds, builds new boat ramp

Working with the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance and other Chattanooga-area unions, UAW Local 42 recently completed a project to install a new and improved courtesy pier at the Wolftever Creek Boat Ramp adjacent to Harrison Bay State Park on Highway 58.  A dozen Local 42 members joined volunteers from the IBEW, Sheet Metal Workers, and Iron Workers unions to demolish the existing pier and install a new pier.

On Saturday April 7, volunteers demolished and removed the old dock, which had rotting and missing deck boards and was unusable in the winter when the water level is low.  Using cutting torches, pry bars, chain saws and sawsalls, volunteers cut the 60 feet of ramp into pieces that could be hauled away.  Two weeks later, the new dock was delivered in eight pieces on a flatbed semi-truck.  A reach forklift placed each piece in place while volunteers bolted them together and drove anchor posts into the shore.  Composite deck boards were screwed down and aluminum rails installed.  The new pier is 104 feet long, making it usable year round.

“This is what UAW Local 42 is all about,” said President Steve Cochran.  “We not only make Volkswagen a better place to work but help make Chattanooga a better place to live.  I’m very proud of our union.”

Region 8 Director Ray Curry agreed.  “In a short period of time, Local 42 has become a leader in the Chattanooga community.  Not only did the local raise the money for this new pier but they pitched in and helped build it.”  Local 42 raised $10,000 toward the pier at the Sportsmen’s Banquet last November.

Many thanks to the Local 42 members who volunteered:

Steve Cochran                       Dave Gleeson                         Roger Dalton

Troy Hunt                               Frank Stewart                         Doug Rosette

Billy Quigg                              Mike Collins                           Randy Brewer

Wyatt Ramby                         Tony Ramby                           Johnny Meeks

Germany VW Workers Engage in Warning Strikes

IG Metall Expresses Support for Chattanooga

As the German autoworkers’ union IG Metall continued to negotiate with German carmakers, 20,000 workers at Volkswagen’s main plant in Wolfsburg walked away from production lines for two hours to express their determination for a fair collective bargaining agreement. In all, a half million workers have participated in three days of strikes at German assembly plants, parts suppliers and other metal shops.
At Volkswagen, IG Metall is demanding a 6 percent pay raise, improvements in their pension plan, and a guarantee for apprentices to be employed after their examination.
Volkswagen’s refusal to collectively bargain with Local 42 in Chattanooga was highlighted by IG Metall in rallies and demonstrations around the country. As the third round of talks with VW got underway on January 30 in Hannover, Germany, 5000 union members rallied to support their bargaining team. Several carried a banner that read “VW Workers in Chattanooga Need a Collective Agreement!” IG Metall Regional Director Thorsten Groeger noted Volkswagen’s behavior in his speech to the crowd:
“Colleagues, while collective bargaining here in Germany between IG Metall and Volkswagen is a normal thing, such negotiations are denied our colleagues in the VW plant in Chattanooga. Volkswagen even refuses to recognize a legitimately elected labor union. It is a scandal that on this entire planet Chattanooga is the only plant without union representation!”
The next day, with no agreement reached, thousands of VW workers engaged in 2-hour strikes around the country. At the VW Kassel-Baunatal plant, over 6,000 workers participated and cheered IGM Local President Oliver Dietzel when he declared:
“While we are struggling to reach a collective agreement, our colleagues in the US, in Chattanooga, are also fighting for a collective bargaining agreement. But there, Volkswagen completely refuses. And colleagues, again, we say: they are not alone! They have our solidarity – and also there we expect from management: Come to your senses! Talk to the colleagues! Because we want decent, collectively negotiated working conditions there as well.”

Auto workers across Germany continue to demonstrate their resolve to share in the extraordinary success of their companies. IG Metall has offered to return to the bargaining table if the employers are serious about agreeing to a fair contract. In the meantime, the union is preparing to hold a vote on calling an open-ended strike.

See video here