Spring Hill GM Workers Earn $12,000 Profit Sharing Checks

money in hand fullAs a result of the collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the United Auto Workers (UAW) with General Motors, hourly workers are set to receive the largest profit sharing checks in history – up to $12,000 per employee. The UAW negotiated the profit sharing guarantee in the 2015 contract. Profit sharing allows workers to share in the success of the company and recognizes their contributions to overall profitability.

Spring Hill GM employees are part of 150,000 auto workers across America who are receiving profit sharing payments through their UAW collective bargaining agreements. Ford announced last month that its hourly workers will receive $9,000, to be paid on March 9. Fiat-Chrysler hourly employees will receive $5,000 profit sharing checks on February 17, bringing the total to $18,000 received per employee since 2009.

In addition to profit sharing, GM, Ford and Chrysler

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